We’ve all heard of “investment” items for the wardrobe, but how you go about winning these diamonds in the rough is a different tale.
Your 20s are all about searching and testing out different trends and styles, but as a woman in my late 30s, I can say that I’m less inclined to hop on each trend bandwagon.

1. Luxe Loafers

It’s all about you can get daily wear out of a pair of loafers, and they confront wear and tear, I would extremely suggest buying in a pair of amazing loafers each season. Choose soft base heights and vintage styles.

2. A Great Bag

I assume it goes without saying that owning a great pair of shoes and a killer bag will absolutely transform any closet. My fashionable ideal style is a crossbody because I can be hands-free when I’m traveling, running missions, or taking my daughter nearby.

3. Sweet Shades

It’s the first thing that anyone will notice – your face! You know how much I love using sunglasses, and it’s the sharpest and easiest accessory to invest in.

4. Beautiful Blazer

A traditional black or camel blazer is a piece that every lady needs in her wardrobe, moreover you will grab for time and time again. There’s no obligation to go splurge on one until you’ve tried out varied styles and cuts and know which one you truly love before investing in a higher-end version.


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