From stacked pieces to chain chokers, certain jewelry trends are making it big on the streets this fall! These little thickset pieces add elegance and edge to any outfit. If there’s one thing that can upgrade your overall look spontaneously, it’s jewelry for certain. Whether it be an oversized chainlink or glittering statement earrings, you can’t walk past ’em without noticing! Here is some jewelry that shines bright on the runway.

Statement Earrings

Great, glittery and trending, these beautiful pieces can add an advantage to every outfit, Strikingly tall pieces with unparalleled details are making it big on the streets and can be found in each fashion IT girl’s jewelry box, Statement earrings are a retro archive again and what I love about this trend is that it’s simple to pull off.


Logo earrings, rings, necklaces, all the jewelry pieces are shouting the name of their respective designer houses out loud and I’m sure they won’t go unheard!

Oversized Chainlinks

One of the novel extensions to the trend map and my soul, an oversized chainlink is precisely what I’d call an investment-worthy art, Chainlinks can glam up any common look and are extremely versatile.

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