My love for knits starts showing up the moment temperature drops to a certain bit! Revamping my wardrobe and stacking it up with knits as soon as Fall arrives is one of my favorite things to do – not even kidding! While the basic sweaters never go out of style, there are new additions to the trend chart every year, which definitely cannot be ignored! Layer ’em up, pair ’em up with joggers, jeans, and everything you have in your mind, they’d still manage to catch the attention they deserve! Here’s a list of some sweater styles I’m absolutely in love with!


One of the most charming and elegant styles, a one-shoulder sweater can amp up a usual look like no other! Dress it up or down according to the place you’re going to – it looks good with slouchy denim & commuters and more reliable with skinny denim & knee-high boots! Dressy and modish, this style is perfect when it’s not too cold to be covered in multiple layers!

Oversized Sweater

These thickset pieces are exactly what I’d be living in this period! I’m more than satisfied that oversized sweaters are truly a thing this season. Simple to pull off and cuter than it seems, this one’s ideal for a relaxed outing! Just slip in your favorite commuters or knee-highs and you’re good to go!

Turtle-Neck Sweater

The turtleneck is a much-varied closet classic that seems chic with nearly everything from slouchy trousers to pencil skirts to basic denim. Layer it below a blazer for an extra formalized aspect or just show it off completely for an elevated, sophisticated look! I can literally never get enough of stuffing my wardrobe with these classics!

Exaggerated Sleeve

Ruffled, twisted, expanded or balloon, any type of exaggerated sleeve can add an advantage to your everyday outfit! They provide a simple chic aspect to the outfit and are clearly more stylish than primary full-sleeve sweaters. Pair it up with a vintage-inspired midi skirt or flaunt it over your basic skinny denim.

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