Having trouble at picking up what we are going to dress today especially when we are pressed by time? to avoid headaches your closet must-have these essential items.

1-A Plain White Tee :

we all have been in harrying, having no time to think about what to wear a plain white tee can get the job done so don’t forget to have one in your closet. Also, it can be used all-around.

2-Black Trousers :

Whenever you are going to work or hanging out with your friends, black trousers are master-key in your closet.

3-Ballet Flats :

What do you wear ballet flats with? Is it OK to wear flats with a dress? Can you wear a midi dress with flats? Can you wear ballet flats in the winter?

I can answer all these questions by yes, yes you can wear ballet flats whenever you are.it’s comfortable and give your dress touche of simplicity.

4-Versatile Sneakers :

It’s something that your closet shouldn’t miss, it’s iconic, elegant, casual and versatile, wear it and it’s gonna give you special touch.

5-Black leather jacket :

It’s truly a workhorse of any closet, it’s can be pair with any outfit you wear and still give you a very chic feeling.

6-Blazer :

A great blazer is a true workhorse in any closet. Need an extra something to pull together an office look? Look to a blazer. A great outerwear substitute when it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat? Again, a blazer. The can’t-go-wrong jacket to throw on over your cocktail dress? You guessed it: a blazer.

7-The LBD( Little Black Dress ) :

A little black dress has the power to make you look like a real knockout, it should be in any women’s closet, be ready to show off your gorgeous self as the weather gets warmer.


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